S&L Medien Gruppe takes over Berliner Synchron GmbH

"We are very much looking forward to the exciting times of the integration of Berliner Synchron GmbH into S&L Medien Gruppe..."

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13 free rooms for perfect voice recording and unique sound quality

"We walk on into the film mixing room and are particularly impressed. It is as big as an actual movie theater."

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Where Anakin Skywalker rubs shoulders with Don Vito Corleone and John "Scottie" Ferguson

"The oldest German company in the dubbing business is not only one of the biggest; in the eyes of many producers and directors it is the best."

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Trends: Accelerated dubbing und barrier-free localization

Finishing all kinds of projects as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality - accelerated dubbing is now a routine part of Berliner Synchron's business.

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Behind the scenes: In search of good sound in Germany

What goes into perfect dubbing? That's what the Servus TV team wanted to know, so they came to Berliner Synchron for a look behind the scenes.

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Hollywood speaks German: The history of Berliner Synchron Wenzel Lüdecke

In 1929, the newspaper "Film-Kurier" reported on a dubbed Hollywood film for the first time, writing "it is a miracle that they all speak German".

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