Documentary & voice-over

Fast and efficient: Our team routinely masters the most ambitious projects, without losing sight of the qualitative demands.

A distinctive voice alone will not make a completely harmonious voice-over project. Berliner Synchron, which has many years of experience with the stylistic device that became popular in the 1940s, knows this only too well.
In addition to professional speakers, specialist translators, authors, directors and sound engineers, who ensure the correct tone and sound, the fast and cost-efficient implementation is also often a decisive factor.

Berliner Synchron knows the different application areas of a voice-over and utilises this knowledge in the creation of multilingual versions for all genres.
Voice-over usage is varied, be it in the form of a commentary in a documentary or for communicating important historical background information in literary films.
The multi-facetted stylistic device is also used for the clarification, ironising and contrasting of a screen event, for the reflection of a speaker or for pseudo-documentary effects in films.